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The family-run business based in Biebergemünd is the leading European Brand for workwear and protective equipment. Engelbert Strauss Co Ltd works with a worldwide network of manufacturers, designers and technicians to develop practice-orientated products for trade, industry and the service sector. The company has 1100 employees and holds in stock around 30000 items of workwear, protective equipment and accessories.

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Innovative Workwear Brand

Today our assortment goes far beyond the common boiler suit and work shoes. Besides sophisticated in-house developments in the area of textiles, shoes and gloves, we offer our clientele accessory products for their daily requirements. engelbert strauss provides workshops and medium-sized companies in particular with the opportunity to obtain their customised equipment and important accessories from one single source.

The first impression is the one that counts most. Therefore we don‘t just supply individual products; we present holistic concepts that give our customers a professional corporate identity. From the selection of various colour arrangements to the printing of a company‘s own logo – the individual engelbert strauss modules enable the tailored design of an all-encompassing corporate identity. Personal corporate design is decisive in feeling good about oneself – only this way can people work successfully and perform to their best abilities every day.

We are constantly in the process of developing our solution concepts further in order to lend an active helping hand to the working world. For us, however, our idea of design goes far beyond work clothing – design development predominantly centres on intelligent, functional design.